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St. Michael’s ChurchSt. Michael’s ChurchSt. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church is one of the oldest and most appreciated Transylvanian monuments of gothic architecture. It stands majestically in the very heart of the town and was built between 1350 and 1487, probably immediately after the settlement had officially become a town, in 1316.

The altar is the oldest part of nowadays’ building, dating back to 1390 and measuring 24 meters. The new-gothic style tower (1837-1859) is the last built. The latter measures 80 m, together with the 4-meter high cross. The nave of the church is 50 meters long and the walls - 10 meters high. The inside painting of the church is lost, however the restorations of the church revealed some very old and artful frescoes, dating from the XIV-XVth century. They seem to have been destroyed in the period when it belonged to the Protestants, as they are known for their preference for bare walls. Yet the Sleunig chapel under the tower hosts a XVth century beautiful fresco, “Golgotha”. Priest Biro Janos redecorated the church. The pulpit became baroque, with golden adornments, sculptures and bas-reliefs and the statue of archangel Michael on the top of the pulpit crown.
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St. Michael’s Church
The exterior walls of the church bear the traces of mediaeval graffiti. The decorations of the main gate date back to 1419 and contain three coat-of-arms, belonging to the reign of king Zsigmond: the coat of the Roman-German Empire, the Hungarian one in the right, and the Czech one in the left. The church is well preserved, as it was professionally restored between 1956-1963.

The chapel under the tower also hosts a crucifix, the art of wok of Fadrusz Janos, the sculptor of the statue of Matei Corvin, the statue flanking the church.
St. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church
St. Michael’s Church
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