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Surrounded by streets and in the middle of the bustle of the town, Saint Peter's Church stands as if forgotten there from remote times. It was named after the two Apostles Peter and Paul and the village Szentpeter (Saint Peter), where an old church was built around the 12th - 13th centuries.

The old church was destroyed, first by Tatars, then during the Reform. Its remains may still be found under the altar of the new building, provided with Roman-style windows. In a document dating back to 1456, bishop Mate demands a certain plebeian - possibly a mayor - to assign a priest for the village church. A Unitarian College had its siege at the church, until 1700, when it was renovated in order to remove the traces of the Unitarian ownership.

The new gothic building was raised between 1844-1848, with help from priest Kedves Istvan and funds from a house for elderly people, on the foundations of the old church. The tower is thought to have copied the tower of Saint Michael's Cathedral in the centre of the town, with a square basis and four levels, the uppermost with six angles. The nave, supported by flying buttresses, is closed by a trilateral sanctuary. The church is 27 meters long, 9.63 meters wide and 9.5 meters high. Stein Janos, Hosszu Marton and Szatmari Karoly decorated the sanctuary and the nave with frescoes and the church was finally consecrated in 1848. In the Second World War, two shells damaged the church severely.
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St. Peter's Church
Priest Biro Jozsef built the imposing portal at the entrance of Saint Michael's Church in the 18th century, after Black Death stroke the town (1738-1742). The statue of Saint Archangel Michael is centred above the main entrance, flanked on the left by John the Baptist, Saint Sebastian, Saint Charles Borromei, and to the left, Saint John the Evangelist, Saint Rocus and Saint John Nepomuc. The statues were moved here from their former location at the central church in 1899 and were recently restored.

Removed from its former location, at the crossroads of Kogalniceanu and Universitatii Streets, and placed in the backyard of St. Peter's Church in 1961, St. Mary's Statue is a beautiful and valuable baroque work of art of sculptor Schenbauer Antal. He created the statue for the governmental consul Kornis Antal in 1744.

The statue stands on a socle of clouds and angels and appears as if covered by a folded veil, with an arm resting on an angel's head and another on the chest. The monument was deteriorated when the first blocks of flats were built in the area, at the beginning of the '80s. In spite of those who demanded that it be placed again in its former location, nothing was done so far. A resembling statue may be found in Kutna Hora, in Moravia.
St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
St. Peter's Church
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