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18 July 2014, Etno Terrace, 8.30pm
"Lyre&Pan Flute", with Florin Stefan and his guests

Florin Stefan brings on the Ethno Terrace the music which belongs to the folklore of the Thracians and Asians, using the lyra and the pan flute on the evening of Friday, July the 18th, beginning with 8.30. The concert consists of 2 parts, with a video. At his side in this special musical project there will be Csaba Cserey (percussion), Aladar Pusztai (violin), Jozsef Hollandus (bass guitar) and Nicu Barna (sound system), whereas Florin Stefan will interpret on a guitar, voice, saz and tilinca. Tickets: 10 lei.

17 July 2014, L'Atelier Café, 10pm
The Euro-African Playground Band In Concert

The project of Hungarian percussionist Marton Juhasz has gathered since 2011 some of the best players in Hungary, as well as percussionists from Africa; they will play on Thursday July 17th, beginning with 10pm, in Atelier Café. With a repertory which spans from Nigeria to Hungary, the Euro-African Playground will bring both the landscapes of a market in Lagos, as well as the vibrations of a village nearby Kinshasa. After-party with Andrei Puiu. Entrance to the concert is free.

17 July 2014, Bookstory Bookshop, 6pm
'Breathe, love, remain silent', book launch by Gigi Ghinea

The Bookshop Bookstory hosts the launch of Gigi Ghineas' last book, 'Breathe, love, remain silent'. The event is part of a launching tour who has already taken place in several cities across Romania. The publishing house, The Money for Help Association, states that the number of copies sold amounts to the half of the total, around 4000 copies.

12th July 2014, Banffy Castle in Bontida, 7 pm
New York Choral Society in Concert

Sacral and modern music, at the side or American Hymns and works by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger will fill the ambiance of Banffy Castle in Bontida, in the memory of count Miklos Banffy. The concert which is going to be held on Saturday, July the 12th, beginning with 7 pm, by the New York Choral Society aims at breaking the frontiers and make cultures come together. The event marks the Miklos Banffy Commemorative Year. The entrance is free of charge, however the attendants are free to make donations for the castle restoration works.

11th July 2014, The Brush Factory, 1st Floor, 7pm
Spokenword Poetry Show, of the Dreams for Life Association

The Dreams for Life Association organizes on Friday, July the 11th, beginning with 7pm, a spokenword poetry evening (defined as the act of interpreting of one's poetry creation which originates in the authentic life experiences of the author). The poems will be interpreted by the authors, youngsters from Greece, Poland and Spain - 21 people who belong to various cultural settings, who will put forth before the audience important matters of their lives. The event is part of a series of projects within the Art in (E)Motion international partnership.

9th and 12th July 2014, The Brush Factory, 2nd Floor
Creation Workshops for Children, with Cristina Gagiu

The creation workshops for children, which are coordinated by Cristina Gagiu, address children aged between 4 to 15. The workshops are organized between 5pm and 7pm and on Saturday, between 12pm and 2 pm. Fees amount to 25 lei/workshop. For programming please call 0742733901.

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