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  TIFF 2006-Charitable Meeting Point  
Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca
5th edition, 2-11 June 2006
Charitable Meeting Point

After four years when the entrance hall of the Republica Cinema was the meeting point of the TIFF guests with the public, this year the organizers of the festival inaugurated a Meeting Point with personality, in the yard of the Art Museum of Cluj. Music, painting and photo exhibitions, fashion and colour! For the next nine days, they will be making the delight of those who will come to this historic place.

The opening included book launchings, theatrical performances, a fashion show and jazz concerts.
The choice of this location has a double meaning: it will make a picturesque and informal setting for a rendezvous of those who want to exchange impressions on the Festival. Directors, actors and film celebrities will have the opportunity to have a coffee and share thoughts, ideas and impressions side by side with the other movie lovers. Maybe the most important long-lasting aspect is the initiative of the fundraising campaign for the restoring of the yard of this beautiful baroque monument.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution for the restoring of this monument may donate a sum of money at the special urns placed at cinemas and by attending the film “The Life and Opinions of Tristam Shandy Gentleman”, directed by Michael Winterbottom, on Tuesday 8, at 8.30 pm.

The Meeting Point in Cluj will be an event in itself, having its own competition - "You've Got Personality, Show It at TIFF!" - organized by the National Authority for Youth (ANT), Romanian Film Promotion Association (APFR), the main organizer of TIFF, and YAP Romania. It invites 15 young people interested in painting, graphics and photography to exhibit their work while other 25 young members of theatre groups will be able to present their productions on a scene built on this purpose in the Museum yard. Also, other 10 young talented people who love music will be able to prove their musical talent in a contest; while also, on an open air screen the public will have the opportunity to watch movies signed by young Romanian directors.

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