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National Art Museum of Cluj-NapocaNational Art Museum of Cluj-NapocaNational Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
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The former imposing residence of the Hungarian governors, the Banffy Palace is living two lives, one as the former Banffy Palace and, after 1951, a cultural life conferred by its destination as an important cultural institution. The former Palace was built by German architect Johann Eberhard Blaumann, between 1774 and 1785, for the governor of the city, Banffy Gyorgy. The architect designed a plan with an enclosed court and one storey building. The storey is now destined to host The National Gallery.

The Gallery professional restoration performed in 1990 rendered back its original-like aspect, yet perfectly suitable for its new role. Re-opened for public, in January 1996, The National Gallery offers a four-century synthesis of Romanian art with a stress on the artistic phenomenon in Transylvania: The Altar from Jimbor (16th century), art in the style of 1900, avant-guarde, artists related to "Scoala Superioara de Arte Frumoase" and to the "Art Center Cluj", such as Szolnay Sandor, Pericle Capidan, Catul Bogdan, Aurel Ciupe, Alexandru Popp, Romul Ladea and others.

The museum was developed from the original collections of the Transylvanian Museum, to which the invaluable collection of Virgil Fulicea was added in 1933, making today the most valuable nucleus of the patrimony of The National Art Museum.
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National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
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National Museum of Cluj-Napoca
National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
Along with the works of art transferred from the Ministry of Culture, The National Art Museum Bucharest and the Local administration (Barbu Iscovescu, Constantin David Rosenthal, Theodor Aman, Gh. Panaitescu Bardasare, Carol Popp de Szathmary, Ioan Andreescu, Karl Storck), there is an important number of works donated by the Cluj Branch of the Romanian Academy (1971). The works, important pieces of art from Transylvania (unknown painters from the 18th and the 19th centuries, Franz Neuhauser, Joseph Neuhauser, Franz Anton Bergman, Koreh Sigismund, Szathmary Sandor, Simo Ferenc), contributed largely to the outlining of the patrimony's consistence.

The National Art Museum Address: 30, Unirii Square
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National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
National Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca
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